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Samsung Smart Phones

This is a team-designed strategic client recommendation we did for Samsung in light of the issues surrounding their Galaxy Note 7 charging and explosions in an Account Planning class. We used Simmons and Mintel for secondary research, and interviews as our primary research method. I was the Art Director in charge of the creative thought starter idea on this project. We wanted to address Samsung's past issues, and move forward by emphasizing Samsung's ease of use, customizability, and the improved low-light camera through shifting focus onto the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S8.

Target Audience:

Males and females ages 25-30 and 40-50. They are employed, have college degrees and their mobile phones are significant in their daily lives as an expression of who they are. They are social connectors and communication is central in their lives. They’re also confident spenders, relatively untouched by the current economy.

Brand Positioning Statement:

“For the tech-savvy individual, it’s the customizable device that fits your on-the-go lifestyle.”