LaCroix Water

In an attempt to simulate the experience of working at an agency, I challenged myself to create a campaign for a product I absolutely hated. Although many people close to me are extremely loyal supporters of LaCroix Water, I openly opposed it upon first trial. Throughout the researching phase, I forced myself to try the beverage again, tasting five different flavors, with the hope to understand the cultural phenomenon that is LaCroix Water. I was reluctant in the beginning, but with every sip I took, I quickly became addicted to its crisp, refreshing burn.

While researching, I discovered that the French term "la croix" translates to "the cross" in English. Realizing the product's name stems from it being the intersection, or the cross, between fruit and water, I decided to make it the basis of the campaign with the hashtag #LaCroixCollabs.


LaCroix Water

Target Audience:

Trendy adults, ages 20-60 who do not drink much pop, are fairly health conscious, and live a busy/hectic lifestyle.

Product Attribute:

Zero calories, zero sugar, zero sodium flavored carbonated water.

Product Benefit: 

A guilt-free, refreshing beverage that is the result of the cross between natural fruity flavors and water.