Copy: "Sick of having to squat in the stall while other men in the restroom stand to pee (STP)? We at GoGirl understand that being able to STP is a paramount rite of passage for many transgender men; however, many STP devices can be quite pricy, which is why we focus on producing affordable high quality female urination devices (FUD). 

We also realize the classic Lavender GoGirl may be too flashy for everyone, so we created something new. Introducing the Khaki GoGirl complete with Camouflage Tube! Our Khaki GoGirl offers a more discreet solution to allow you to step out, and STP without the uncomfortable looks from your neighbors at the urinal."

Experiential Concept: 

In order to increase brand awareness and brand recognition of GoGirl within our target audiences, we would like to send GoGirl brand representatives to two local LGBTQ Pride events that we have chosen: Twin Cities Pride Festival, and Pride Fest Milwaukee. The brand representatives will hand out free GoGirl products to attendees at a designated vendor table and also hand out a few products while walking the festival grounds to help generate buzz among attendees, thus directing more people to the vendor table. A big bright pink tent with pink, white, and khaki flag tails on top of the tent poles will cover the vendor table. The GoGirl brand reps will be wearing the white GoGirl T-shirts that can customize in any way they wish, in order to align with the innate personal flair of the pride festivals. It may be a lot of product to give away for free, but it will get the GoGirl name out in LGBTQ and ally community, which will drive a ton of new and returning customers in the future.

These 3 print ads ideally would run in LGBTQ magazines, like Lavender Magazine or The Advocate, and the experiential marketing event is more of a conceptual write up.


GoGirl is a female urination device, or FUD, that allows you to urinate while standing up.

Target Audience:

Members of the LGBTQ community who are transitioning.

Product Attribute:

You can urinate standing up.

Product Benefit:

You can urinate almost anywhere that your heart desires.